OurWorld Digital Free Zone is a collaboration between the Government of Zanzibar and OurWorld Venture Creator.

Short Why

Owning a company in a digital free zone liberates you as a global citizen.

It's more than just a business; it's a ticket to freedom and flexibility. In this virtual space, borders and bureaucracy fade, replaced by your control over your destiny.

Your company becomes a gateway to opportunities, allowing you to interact and trade with the world seamlessly. No matter where you are, the digital free zone keeps you connected, giving you the power to shape your future, your way.

Say goodbye to complexities and hello to a new era of simplicity and efficiency, empowering your business to thrive like never before

What is a Digital Free Zone?

A digital free zone is a special economic zone that provides regulatory incentives and benefits to businesses through a fully online platform.

Some key aspects:

  • Provides reduced tax
  • Streamlined license approvals (a lot less administration)
  • Companies can register, access incentives, manage compliance and more – completely through digital channels. No need to be physically present.
  • Automates document submission, license renewals that traditionally require paperwork.
  • Can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. Not limited to a physical geography.
  • Collaboration between likeminded people.

OurWorld is Specially Made for Digital Nomads

Our solution is ideal for Digital nomads. Estimated 35 million digital nomads globally, rising rapidly as location-independent online work becomes more mainstream.

  1. Global Accessibility: A digital free zone provides digital nomads the ability to conduct business from anywhere in the world, without the constraints of traditional borders or regulations.
  2. Simplified Administration: With tools for contract management, digital signatures, and automated governance, digital nomads can efficiently manage their businesses on-the-go, minimizing paperwork and administrative hassles.
  3. Flexible Company Structures: Various types of company structures (e.g., personal, local, global) cater to different needs and aspirations, providing the flexibility that digital nomads often seek.
  4. Legal Support and Security: Digital nomads can legalize and protect their ventures through strong authentication and proof of ownership features, ensuring trust and legitimacy in their operations.
  5. Community and Collaboration: Being part of a digital free zone fosters collaboration and networking with like-minded entrepreneurs, offering a supportive community that can be vital for digital nomads who are often working independently.
  6. Need for Connectivity - Reliable communication tools and ability to collaborate online smoothly are essential for digital nomads' livelihoods. OurWorld provides this.